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David Bowie: In The 70's (2 DVD)

David Bowie: In The 70 It wasn't until the release of 1983's Let's Dance that David Bowie achieved the type of enormous, global success he had so sorely deserved for so very long. But for most of his fans he had, by that juncture, already produced the best music he was ever going to make. And while there were still musical delights to come during the years that followed, as Bowie toured the world playing to more people on one tour than he had in his entire career to that point, his legacy was assured by records he'd released during the previous decade - and each concert he now performed would be filled with songs from that golden era. This 2 DVD set is a documentary review concentrating on David Bowie in the 1970s - the decade in with he not only made his name but in which he also dominated the music scene like no other musical icon before ors since. Running at over 2.5 hours the programme looks at his pre-fame era, his early, low-selling albums, his glam period when the world star up and took

Производитель A Pride Production
Год выпуска 1970
Тип носителя DVD
В ролях Дэвид Боуи
Цена 1999 руб.

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